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New version HALCON 18.05 available now!

With HALCON 18.05, YOU are be able to perform deep learning inference on a CPU This CPU inference has been highly optimized for Intel®-compatible x86 CPUs. In tests, this resulted in a typical inference execution time on a standard Intel CPU (8 threads) that achieves performance similar to a midrange GPU. Removing the need for […]


IDS NXT vegas

The first vision app-based sensor from IDS. PC-free machine vision platform with integrated CPU and low power consumption. The Vision app concept ensures maximum flexibility. You can use the IDS development kit to create and install any number of apps on the IDS NXT vegas. Equipped with the powerful algorithms from the HALCON machine vision […]


Now Shipping: The Avigilon H4 Thermal Camera Line

The H4 Thermal camera line from Avigilon allows for peak detection and performance with its combination of thermal imaging and patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics. Operating beyond the visible spectrum, the H4 Thermal camera line is designed to detect the movement of people and vehicles even in areas with poor visibility, challenging lighting conditions, absolute […]


Now Shipping: The Avigilon H4 IR PTZ Camera Line

The H4 IR PTZ features a powerful zoom lens and infrared (IR) technology that enable you to see up to 250 meters (820 feet) in complete darkness. It’s available in 1.3 and 2 megapixel (MP) camera resolutions, and features continuous 360 degree rotation, which allows operators to more easily zoom in and out to capture […]


The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is now Available

The Avigilon Presence Detector™ sensor is designed to accurately detect a person’s presence – even if they have stopped moving or are hidden. The indoor impulse radar sensor, combined with self-learning radar analytics, scans and learns the environment, continuously adapting to provide 99% accuracy in detecting the presence of a person at distances up to […]


New version HALCON 17.12 available now!

Deep learning at your fingertips – the new HALCON version is here: HALCON 17.12, named after its release date in December 2017. This release includes an extensive set of cutting-edge deep learning functions that can be instantly applied in industrial settings. In addition to the mentioned deep learning technologies, HALCON 17.12 offers many other new […]