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CL Electronics is a Swiss company highly specialized in the distribution of industrial, video surveillance and machine vision devices.

Our team of qualified specialists with well-established industry experience allows us to offer our customers not only innovative products, but also consulting and support service for project implementation.


We guarantee the highest quality by combining technological innovation at competitive prices.


For us, our customers and suppliers are partners with whom we aim to build a cooperative and valuable relationship.


We are an experienced team of collaborators who are motivated to find the best solution for your projects.


Over the years, in response to the growing demand for high-quality products from almost all industrial realities, we have specialized in the distribution of industrial devices, such as power supplies, measuring instruments and EMC devices, and in the distribution of components for industrial vision systems such as cameras, optics, lights, IPCs, frame grabbers and software.

We at CL Electronics are also specialized in video surveillance systems offering a wide range of best-brand products that mainly include surveillance (and optical) cameras, servers & workstations, but also analysis and management software.


CL Electronics GmbH was registered in July 1994 by Arthur Peter. At that time, the exclusive agency was acquired for Lambda products, for the territory of Switzerland, the principality of Lichtenstein and the Austrian county of Vorarlberg.

  • July 1994
  • Foundation of CL-Electronics by Mr. Arthur Peter
  • January 1996
  • Opening of an office in the French part of Switzerland.
  • October 1997
  • Moving of the premises to Niederweningen / ZH and expansion of the product range: Food Laboratory UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), DC Converters.
  • Spring 1998
  • A new department was created to provide technical measures including laboratory equipment, position measures and sophisticated equipment for measuring and recording environmental data.
  • Summer 1998
  • Opening of a branch in southern Germany.
  • Beginning of 2000
  • Further expansion of the product range in the field of machine vision. New products include video surveillance (CCTV) and industrial vision (camera, frame grabber). Additionally, Cl-Electronics enhances its supply of notebooks which are used in industrial and military applications.
  • November 2001
  • Supply increased, and the introduction of programmers, emulators and analyzers.
  • 2006
  • New corporate headquarters in Buchs / ZH
  • January 2007
  • Range of solutions broadened with the acquisition of EMC business operations from Jaquier EMC SA.
  • Spring 2013
  • Machine vision takes a new turn and three new areas develop: vision sensors, high-speed cameras and 3D vision.
  • 2014
  • Offering of complementary services to our customers, complete kits and reliable technical support during assembly phase in both Machine Vision and Surveillance business units.
  • 2017
  • Start of electronic retail security.


ISO 9001:2015

The ISO certification enables our organisation to continually improve our processes and to manage our key business risks through the use of carefully themed assessments. In addition, it helps our team to meet the needs of our customers, getting, day by day, a valuable and considerable customer satisfaction.

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