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Find medical power supply solutions at CL Electronics

Medical situations require technical solutions that go beyond mass market electronics. When the health of patients is at stake, professionals need medical power supply components that they can rely on. Specifically adapted for use in clinics and hospitals, these power supplies offer features that ordinary versions do not. They also come in a range of styles and configurations, and buyers can find all varieties at the CL Electronics catalogue.

What features characterise medical power supply components

Normally, power supplies are simple devices. They may supply AC or DC current, and have various adapters for connecting to machinery and power sockets, but conventional versions are pretty simple. Medical power supply components are more complex. The major difference is that medical units are engineered to protect patients from electrical current. Because of this, they tend to incorporate shielding and surge protection features which make them safer to use. They also have to meet exacting technical standards, including internationally recognised IEC 6061/UL 6061 regulations. Most standard power supplies can't do this - but a medical power supply should always be compliant.

Reliability matters when buying medical power supply devices

Medical power supplies are heavily regulated for a good reason. Many medical devices such as dentist's drills, electronic scalpels, heart monitors, or dialysis machines involve high voltages. If this leaks from the casings of equipment, it can pose a serious health risk to both patients and practitioners. Medical devices also operate under demanding conditions, and need to function reliably over set periods of time. There needs to be minimal downtime, and the probability of developing faults must be far lower than with ordinary components.

Choose switching or linear medical power supply units

Medical power supplies are not a one size fits all component. There are a number of different types for buyers to choose from, depending on their specific requirements. Broadly speaking, power supplies for medical use will be either switching power supplies or linear power supplies. Switching supplies do not require a transformer, and are generally smaller, more adaptable and more energy efficient. Linear supplies need a transformer to convert AC into DC current, which makes them bulkier. However, they can be more powerful than switching versions, offer a more uniform, reliable level of voltage, and may be quieter to run. Alongside switching or linear versions, buyers can also choose different input and output voltages, mounting systems, current protection and short-circuit protection systems, and levels of protection against heat or moisture. So there are plenty of options, with features to suit any situations.

Find the right medical power supply at CL Electronics

Medical buyers need a supplier they can trust. At CL Electronics, buyers will find a wide range of medical power supplies. Options can be filtered by style and features, making it easy to home in on precisely the right power supply for your medical needs. Have a look around, compare specifications, and arrange a delivery. Whether you work in dentistry, medical testing, or diagnostics, it's never been simpler to find medical power supply products.

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