Cable Shielding

Shrinkable EMI Cable Shielding System
Tubing • Connector Boots • Cable Transitions • Boot Adapters
A light weight 360° EMI shielding for cables, transitions, connectors and terminations.
It reduces assembly costs and provides a reliable, professional looking EMI cable shielding solution for electronic equipment.


  • Good 360° cable shielding effectiveness performance
  • 50-60 or 70-80 dB attenuation above 500 MHz
  • Easy installation and assembly with conventional heat guns and ovens
  • Excellent seal against moisture and contaminants
  • Complex cable assembly EMI shielding possible with a wide selection of cable transitions, including T, Y, and other custom shapes
  • Weight savings from 40 – 65% vs. conventional braided mesh shielding systems with labor savings as well
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