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Detect More with the New Avigilon H5A Camera

The Avigilon H5A camera line features Avigilon next-generation video analytics technology that leverages AI capabilities to help you do more with less.   This new line of cameras offers a number of cutting-edge features, purpose-built to drive greater efficiencies while helping to increase overall accuracy, reliability and situational awareness across your video security operations. Enhanced […]


Avigilon Blue Cloud Video Security Platform Launches in UK

  The Avigilon Blue cloud service platform provides an easy-to-install, cloud-based video security solution with features and capabilities that allows them to remotely monitor and manage more sites with fewer resources. Partners can easily monitor the health of customer sites, update configurations and deploy system updates, all remotely. Other key benefits of the Avigilon Blue […]


LMI Technologies Launches New Gocator® 3D Smart Sensor for Scanning Glass and Other Specular Surfaces

The Gocator® 2512 laser line profiler is precision-engineered for scanning specular surfaces such as glass, polished metals and plastics   Gocator® 2512 has the unique advantage of being able to scan specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously. For example, the sensor can generate a precision 3D scan of a cell phone’s cover glass in a surrounding […]


CL-Electronics is an Official Distributor for Advanced Energy

We are pleased to announce that from now on we are a distributor for Advanced Energy in Germany and Switzerland. Advanced Energy was founded 1981 in Colorado, USA. The company has manufacturing facilities in Asia, EMEA and the United States. The expertise includes gas and liquid flow management systems, power systems and thermal measurement instruments. […]


Avigilon H4 Multisensor: You’re Covered from All Angles

  Combined with ACC™ video management software, the H4 Multisensor camera helps users effectively monitor and accurately verify surveillance video, minimizing blind spots and saving time during critical investigations. With 9 to 32 MP total resolution, the H4 Multisensor camera line delivers broad scene coverage and high image detail. It uses H.265 compression technology to […]


LMI Technologies Receives Official Universal Robots Certification

Gocator® Certified for Integration with UR Robots to Provide Smart 3D Guidance, Inspection, and Automation Capability   LMI Technologies (LMI), the global leader in 3D inspection, is pleased to announce it has officially been Certified for integration with Universal Robots. Universal Robots (UR) is the market leader within collaborative robot arms (called cobots) targeting companies […]


Low Leakage Power Supply – Medical Laser Industry

Case Study: Low Leakage Power Supply required for use in the Medical Laser Industry Challenge Medical device manufacturers have some of the tightest leakage current requirements of any industry. The amount of allowable leakage current is specified to ensure that direct contact between a patient and any medical equipment is highly unlikely to result in […]


New version HALCON 18.05 available now!

With HALCON 18.05, YOU are be able to perform deep learning inference on a CPU This CPU inference has been highly optimized for Intel®-compatible x86 CPUs. In tests, this resulted in a typical inference execution time on a standard Intel CPU (8 threads) that achieves performance similar to a midrange GPU. Removing the need for […]


IDS NXT vegas

The first vision app-based sensor from IDS. PC-free machine vision platform with integrated CPU and low power consumption. The Vision app concept ensures maximum flexibility. You can use the IDS development kit to create and install any number of apps on the IDS NXT vegas. Equipped with the powerful algorithms from the HALCON machine vision […]


Now Shipping: The Avigilon H4 Thermal Camera Line

The H4 Thermal camera line from Avigilon allows for peak detection and performance with its combination of thermal imaging and patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics. Operating beyond the visible spectrum, the H4 Thermal camera line is designed to detect the movement of people and vehicles even in areas with poor visibility, challenging lighting conditions, absolute […]


Now Shipping: The Avigilon H4 IR PTZ Camera Line

The H4 IR PTZ features a powerful zoom lens and infrared (IR) technology that enable you to see up to 250 meters (820 feet) in complete darkness. It’s available in 1.3 and 2 megapixel (MP) camera resolutions, and features continuous 360 degree rotation, which allows operators to more easily zoom in and out to capture […]


The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is now Available

The Avigilon Presence Detector™ sensor is designed to accurately detect a person’s presence – even if they have stopped moving or are hidden. The indoor impulse radar sensor, combined with self-learning radar analytics, scans and learns the environment, continuously adapting to provide 99% accuracy in detecting the presence of a person at distances up to […]