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Provision ISR

Unique technology at competitive prices! Enjoy the best of both worlds in one security camera brand!

Power Supply

The CoolX600 NFF Series is the revolutionary new Convection-Cooled modular power supply from Excelsys. It provides an incredible 600W in a compact 4.5 x 8.5 x 1U package with no fan.

Gocator SMART 3D Sensor

With everything built inside, Gocators offer profile and snapshot sensors for all kind of 3D applications

HD Multisensor-Kamera

Volles Situationsbewusstsein durch innovative flexible Szenenabdeckung

Es ist robust! Bist du es?

Notebook Getac S400: Eines der robustesten semi-robusten Geräte

Avigilon H4 Kamera

Neue Avigilon H4 Kamera